Company Teams

Gainesville Kickball, an affiliate of City Kickball is a great way for companies to offer an outside the office team and moral building exercise that is safe & fun. Best of all we do most of the work allowing you reap the rewards.

The structure of our organization is ideally set up for team-building that will bond your members while improving communication and team-work. The fun environment created by a well-planned program develops confidence and trust leading to maximum involvement and a stronger organization.

Contact us for more information on how getting a team(s) involved in one of our leagues or for help in forming one of your own leagues.

Employee Wellness:

Countless studies over the last several years reveal how fit and healthy employees improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and lower healthcare utilization.

Organizational Benefits Include: 

  • Helps improve the morale and leadership skills of employees
  • Opens employees to new ideas on how to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Increases communication
  • Builds relationships

Our Leagues Provide:

  • Professional on-site league managers
  • Permitted fields and game equipment.
  • Player/team shirts that you get to keep
  • Season ending tournaments and prizes
  • After game bonding at league sponsor bars
  • Social events

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